Contributing to Stanford on iTunes U and YouTube

Stanford on iTunes U and YouTube offer two simple and highly effective ways to share university audio and video content with the public. Departments can contribute recordings of major events, faculty presentations and other programs for free and make them available to millions of users of iTunes and YouTube around the world.

To submit your content to iTunes U and/or YouTube, please complete this two-step process:

Step 1. Complete the following Metadata form:

Step 2. Upload to Google Drive

Once you submit the metadata form, upload your files onto the Google Drive folder.

Once your media is uploaded to Google Drive, it will typically be published to iTunes U and/or YouTube within 5 business days for a single file, or 10 business days for multiple files. The digital media team will send you a confirmation email upon completion.


  • We recommend Stanford Video for your production needs.
  • When submitting files for upload, please ensure they meet the Encoding Specifications guidelines.
  • The responsibility for copyright lies with the contributor. We recommend all contributors use and retain a Speaker Release Form to guarantee acknowledgement from the speakers of their rights of content.

If you have any questions, or require an expedited upload of your content, please contact Lindsay Cox (

Stanford on iTunes U and the Stanford Channel on YouTube are managed by Bjorn Carey,

For course-related content, please contact Brent Izutsu at

Page last modified: 08/21/2018