Department and Administrative Unit Logos

At the request of the Office of the Provost, all new logos and wordmarks developed by externally facing campus units will require approval of the offices of University Communications and Trademarks & Licensing, with final decisions and approval by the Office of the Provost as needed.

Units will have flexibility to develop distinctive logos in keeping with their differentiated audiences and missions, but new logos for all externally facing units will still require approval as they represent not only the unit, but Stanford University. All unit logos, wordmarks and signatures should make every effort to utilize Stanford’s identity guidelines, incorporating the university fonts and colors, and the “Stanford University” wordmark.

Externally facing units are defined as those with any audience physically outside the university:

  • All academic units
  • All units with parent, alumni or donor audiences
  • All units with public programs

Examples of units that are considered to have primarily internal audiences:

  • Residential and Dining Enterprises
  • Human Resources and accompanying units, such as benefits
  • Many Student Affairs divisions

For review and approval, please contact Nicole Scandlyn,