Posting Criteria and Timelines for iTunes U and YouTube

Stanford on iTunes U and YouTube offer two simple and highly effective ways to share university audio and video content with the public. Departments can contribute recordings to University Communications of major events, faculty presentations, and other programs for free and make them available to millions of users of iTunes and YouTube around the world.

iTunes U provides a comprehensive organizational structure; allowing audio and video content to be grouped not only by topic, but also by contributor and format. Users may either “preview” content via progressive download or download content for use on desktop, mobile, and entertainment devices.

YouTube allows for the broad-scale distribution of video content to users who are connected to the internet. Videos may be viewed in any web browser in addition to some mobile and entertainment devices. User interaction is enabled through commenting and rating.

Posting Criteria

All of the following conditions must be met for posting on iTunes U and/or YouTube through University Communications:

  • Audio and video files meet or exceed production quality standards
  • The content is produced by a Stanford department or program
  • The content is of interest to an alumni, Stanford affiliate, or general audience
  • There are no copyrighted images or media
  • The content is not course related
  • The online metadata form is completed

University Communications has the responsibility to make the final determination whether content is to be included.


Once a metadata form has been submitted for an event or program, the digital media team will invite you to upload your content to a shared folder on Once your media is uploaded to, it will typically be published to iTunes U and/or YouTube within 5 business days for a single file, or within 10 business days for multiple files.

The required lead-time may vary further depending on the media file’s size, quality, number of tracks, and metadata submitted. Additionally, disruption to the iTunes U and YouTube services may impact turnaround times due to circumstances beyond our control.